About Me

 The making of Just a Girl and Her Imagination...
I`m a self-taught artist, dreamer of dreams and believer of magic, who loves nothing more than bringing to life the things that drop out of the end of my pencil or paintbrush, telling a story along the way. Just a girl and her Imagination was born after the loss of my much loved dad in June 2018. At that time I never thought I would pick up a pencil or paintbrush again, BUT my dad who believed in me was having none of that and started sending me messages that came through loud and clear. Out came the paper and pencils early one morning whilst I was at my mum's where little characters started dropping out of my pencil one after another, from smiling serene girls, to today when I bring to you my wee Bottoms family of Stargazer mice along with the Chieftain and his Guid wife from the clan McTavish dedicated to and inspired by my dad.

I hope you will keep me company on my journey.


Yvette said...

How lovely to read all about you. You sound such a lovely lady. Your work is inspirational and many thanks for sending me such a kind message.

Tracy said...

Thank you so much Yvette for your beautiful words..they really are appreciated!! You are more than welcome, it was a joy to see your work.
Big hugs
Tracy xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Tracy I brought some of your stamps in Doncaster can you tell me what products you used to colour the faces?
From Tracey

Anonymous said...

I love you stamps I brought a couple at Doncaster can you tell me what you used to colour the faces.

Tracy said...

Hi Tracey sure I can 😀 I use either DecoArt Media Fluid acrylics or Carandache Watercolour Crayons, all the sample girls I did for the show par one was the Carandache Crayons. Wishing you lots of stamping fun xxxxx

sharry said...

Hi Tracy !
Met you at at stamp magic, an absolute pleasure and amazing to meet you !! Love your designs. I bought the "we three" print and have it framed already. Have Another frame and hoping my friend Is still going to buy the other print for Christmas otherwise I will :-)
Loved the journal you had at the show and got a book to have a go at it :-)

Chris Tessnear said...

just found you. come back soon. love your designs