Monday, 28 October 2019

The joy of creating with beautiful souls ...

What a joy it was just over a fortnight ago to teach in Doncaster at WhichCraft, thank you, Paula for asking me along. 
It may have been pouring outside but inside was filled with laughter and joy .. paintin, stampin, stitchin, stories shared with hugs galore.
Forever grateful.
more pictures tooooo follow


jean said...

im so glad you enjoyed Donnie .I lived there for 3yrs and then came to Lossie48yrs ago .
The Clan,s trip to Invernss is developing ,of course we,ll have to have Nessie comin up water .River Ness just to say Helloo to gang .need to keep eyes on Matillda and Betsy or the,ll be away wi her to yon Castle Urquart om lochnesss .Takecare love Jean Zacc .

Sue said...

It was a brilliant day Tracy, hope to see you again there. Take care, Sue xx