Sunday, 30 April 2017

A Village in Tobermory . . .

I was just sitting going through my photos on the computer when I came across
" A village in Tobermory "
made out of clay and painted with DecoArt Media Acrylics. 
Created by me way back for the January 2016 edition of Craft Stamper, phew so long ago and I can`t believe I never got around to sharing it here.
Let me introduce you to the church with it`s stained glass windows , if you listen really hard you can almost hear the choir practicing.
 When the air dry clay was wet it was easy to add detail by pressing stamps straight onto the clay, the paint sinks into all the nooks and crannies allowing it to show through.
No self respecting village would be without a town hall ... a place to celebrate, hold garden fetes, bring and buy sales and so much more.
Sadly this little one has damage to the roof .. the villagers are fundraising at the moment to get it repaired before it falls in!
 Oh now this quaint little cottage belongs to the potters family and is full of love and a hive of activity I can tell you .. the potter is forever throwing pots, the kiln is firing and his wife does the decoration ... phew sure to be worth a visit plus a place to buy a little keepsake or two.
The little chimney house a heart cloud fixed in place with a cocktail stick and glue!
Add detail to the roof by gently scoring whilst the clay is soft, media fluid acrylics settle into the grooves adding light and shadow. 
Oh look here`s an aerial view of the village, bet it was Mr Tompkins he has his very own plane and is forever zooming around up high in the sky . . . got to watch out he has a nasty habit of flying low!!
Well be sure if you are ever passing this way to hop on in and say hello.

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Redanne said...

Tracy, your village in Tobermory is an absolute delight, it looks and sounds like such an idyllic place to live, oh that I could shrink myself down...! Mr Tompkins did a brilliant job taking that aerial shot... I do remember this in CS magazine but it was more than worth a second, and closer look! Hugs, Anne xx