Monday, 12 January 2015

The Documented Life Project . . . My journey so far!

 This is my first year taking part in the 
 and I have to say I am loving it!
 { The instructors are incredible, generous and inspiring }

You can find out more about the project over on the
and all about the Instuctors!
 I settled on using an old second hand book as my journal . . .
sketching, painting, doodling.
The title is 
my one little word for this year. 
 { You can find out more on that Here. }

Next came WK 1`s Challenge 
part of which was ~
Journal prompt ~ Be your own Goal keeper
Book papers, sketching, chopping up, painting, doodling, wonky tonky stitches . . . getting lost in the process while my mind tick tocks over what I want to achieve in 2015!
 Including some Happy Mail on the opposite page from some lovely people over at 
Art Journal Junkies
{ feeling blessed, thank you! }

Hidden in a pocket is my original sketch for my Brave girl
 I thought it would be a good idea to include it.

Lots of flaps on here for hidden gems I want to keep private.
 The completed pages.
I can`t begin to tell you what a
this has been to create so far ~
 getting lost in the moment ~
not over thinking ~
Just letting go!


Nikki Killinger said...

Amazing work hun, love seeing all your pieces. Xx

Sue Abbott said...

Wow, you know I just love your work, stunning as always x

glitzzy said...

Beautiful xxx

Carol said...

Wow - this is so gorgeous - love your artwork