Thursday, 5 June 2014

Hello sweet friends . . .

How are you all doing?
I hope life is treating you all well!!!
Just popping in to say
 " HI " 
blow the cobwebs from around my blog, geez it`s been a while . . .
anyone still there . . . . 
 I had to make some hard decisions lately . . . you know how it is I am sure . . . too many balls to keep in the air
Work, family, health, design teams . . .
 then suddenly
one drops then another and another
Something had to give so that I could take the time to just
live and breathe again without all the worry and stress . . .
yep I am a worry wart, lol!

One of my decisions is to take time out from a few design teams
the lovely, fabulous amazing girlies from


I LOVE and ADORE both teams and hope at some point will have the chance of joining them again in the not too distant future!

This has given me time to just " be" 

 take time to smell the daisies 

 have more time with Alex

get dirty planting and sowing my allotment  which is my slice of heaven here on earth
{ I get sooo excited over the teent tiniest of seeds and the smell of fresh dirt, lol }

To keep my hands messy I am still on the design teams for

Scrapbook magazine

My house was 
quivering and shaaaaaaaking
 the other day as I actually made a project for the first time in what feels like forever!
 Here is a peek of my project that will be revealed tomorrow for the
Craft Stampers Take it Make It Challenge
It felt strange but good getting inky splattered fingers again.
{ For someone who crafted most days, over a month seems like a lifetime }
I hope you will pop back to see more.

The last project I created was for Craft Stamper and with one thing and another I never got around to sharing it
here is my potato stamping on wood
from the humble tattie beginnings to a pretty flower, stems,  leaves and all.
Well that`s it for me for tonight
except to say a 
Thank you to you all for all your support and heart lifting comments
it all means so much to me.
I hope to catch up with you all soon!!
Big hugs


Zoe said...

Aww! Hope your feeling better? Life does kind of get in the way at times doesn't it? Glad you had the sense to step back for "yourself" not easy!
Beautiful creations as always, a tremendously talented lady you are xx take care Hun xx Zoe xx

Craft Addicts - Tracy Evans said...

Lovely projects. Reading your post has made me realise that sometimes it is difficult to get priorities right or the balance right. So pleased to see you back on your blog and I hope you find the right balance for,you in your life. Tracy x

Dots Dabbles said...

Hi Tracy, you have soooo much talent and imagination. I love your individuality and heart in your work. I have looked at the tattie tower heaps...beautiful colours and words. Can't wait to see the next project! Life is ALL about finding the right balance. So glad that you took the time to just 'breathe'. Take care of you.
Dot x

Claire Boelema said...

I totally get where you're coming from. Enjoy life xxx

Renee said...

You'll have moments all through life like this, something has to give. Just take a deep breath and exhale. When I was younger and problems seemed overwhelming someone asked me "how do you eat an elephant?" The answer is "One bite at a time". Take the problems on like that, one at a time. Hugs to you~Renee xxx

Julie Short said...

Keep digging in the allotment Tracy...many issues can be solved with a spade!
Taking the time to "smell the roses" sounds like a great plan.
Sending a cyber hug from waaay across the world.

rachel said...

Hiya Tracy - just wrote you a big long comment and it didn't publish - just wanted to say look after yourself and I love the sample xx

Lisa S. said...

I think it's wonderful you are taking some time for yourself. We all need to recharge our batteries from time to time.
I love the projects you shared in this post Tracy, you're so talented! Hope you have a peaceful summer and get to do all the things you want. xx

ElizabethR said...

Love your beautiful work as well, sometimes we all need to take stock, re-focus, smell the compost and breathe. Plant the seeds and watch dreams grow, going on that note I'm sounding way to grown up lol. Big Hugs Elizabeth xxx

Gez Butterworth said...

Life is too short darling, you must do what makes your heart sing. I know where you've been and it ain't pretty, remember you are stronger than you will ever know, hug your lived ones everyday, and find some 'me' time. Xxxx Love and gentle cyber hugs to you xxxxxx

Ivory Moon said...

OH MY WORD .... Your work is STUNNING .... I love love love. It all ... Beautiful colour great images but you have made everything come alive .... Very very talented Tracy ...

Hugs Tina xxxx

butterfly said...

Sorry to hear life has been hitting you hard - but it sounds as though a temporary hiatus in the DT work will help. You have to follow the path that keeps you sane, not to mention healthy and happy!

And I'm in love with both of the projects shared here. That stunningly atmospheric tag may just have persuaded me that I do need those DW stamps (or at least the scribbly birds) - astoundingly beautiful. And the potato stamp block is an absolute treat.

Hope you will find yourself with more time to create, and definitely more time to just be.

Alison xx