Monday, 7 April 2014

She let her inner artist explore...

 Hello sweet friends,
 I took some time out today to get creative just for the joy off it, I loved every sweet second!
Most of you know I have been doing  
Christy Tomlinson 
Junelle Jacobsen 
workshops . . . 
{ they are both such beautiful and inspirational ladies }
 Taking part in the workshops has given me the courage to stretch myself, taking my doodles to the next step.
I was sitting chilling when the urge to take
Pencil to paper
came over me.
Oh my I even managed features, not perfect but a start.
Some watercolor paints,
 a brush
some water 
it was time to bring her to life.
{ sorry about the quality pf pics, I took them with my phone as I was creating }
Some doodle doodle doos
 sparkley gems
 She Art quote from Christys workshop and I was done.

My first She Art girl with a face

 It had almost forgotten how heavenly it feels to just forget everything and create art just for the sake of it
 . . .
my little slice of heaven today and I wanted to share it with you all.

Go grab some supplies and just make art for the pure joy of it . . . go on I dare you!

Thank you so much for stopping by
for all your support
Big hugs


rachel said...

wonderful - so glad you did this Tracy - she's beautiful xx

Renee said...

She is lovely!

Tracy said...

Thank you Rachael:-) xx

Tracy said...

Thank you Renee:-)xx

Traceyr said...

So glad you are having fun creating art Tracy. :)

butterfly said...

Oh, congratulations, Tracy - that first step is the hardest, and I'm betting the girls will start flying from the tip of your pencil now! She's absolutely beautiful.
Alison xx