Thursday, 15 August 2013

Game on ~ Get Altered Challenge . . .

 Hi everyone, stopping by to share a little fun project using Scrabble tiles for the 
which is being hosted by the lovely and talented Bonnie, the theme she has chosen is for you to incorporate game pieces into your project.
I was inspired by a project I saw on the web but for the life of me can`t remember where - if I come across it I will update with a link.
I am literally flying by the seat of my pants to get this one in on time . . . life has been hectic here the last few weeks and I have missed a few challenges lately . . . soooo I was determined to play along with this one regardless of a few mishaps along the way . . .
. . . did I burn the shed down this time?
Nooooo but  if you could have seen me half an hour ago through the windows in my wee shed -
You would have seen me diving around like a maniac avoiding a BEE , oh my giddy aunt I screeched for Alex who came running thinking I had hurt myself . . . I won`t repeat what he said . . . seriously that BEE was whizzing around like a fighter bomber!!!
If that wasn`t traumatic enough . . .
ever feel like a project doesn`t want to be made, hmmm?
Well next came the fight with Distress Paint in Picket Fence - a gorgeous white - but NOT ONE I WANTED DRIPPING ALL OVER MY JEANS, arghhhhh . . .
Soooo I scooted out the shed into the house, Alex asking what now?
Scrub, scrub, scrub and into the washing machine they now are, going round and round,lol!!
Top tip - make sure you lift of the cap and not unscrew the lot . . .
Bet you thought that was the end of mishaps, hmmm?
It`s dark outside and can`t see much as I step out the shed . . . when . . . CRUNCH . . . nooooo I stood on a Snail . . . yep I now feel like the most hideous person ever so after linking my post I am going to bed!

But before I go bury myself under the duvet let me say if the mishaps hadn`t happened this little project would have taken no longer than 30 mins to put together with the help of some beautiful ingredients from the eclectic Paperie shop, just click the links below -
Tim Holtz Distress Stains - Broken China, Peeled Paint
Tim Holtz Distress Paint - Picket Fence

You still have 6 hrs to join in . . . imagine what you can create in that time without mishaps and have a chance at winning $15 gift certificate from the eP shop!

Thank you for looking and hope I gave you a giggle along the way.
Till next time
Happy Crafting.


ParkNSlide said...

This is a cute project...a scrabble tile village. Very creative.

Julie Short said...

Take a breath Tracy! Your project is fabulous.
Come on warrior woman afraid of a bee!
The paint trick I too have done!
Have a fun weekend - better keep Alex close by though :)

Tracy said... was maaahooosive Julie!!
Have a brilliant weekend to with your superstar!!

Tracy said...

Thank yooou!!:-):-):-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Sweet Lady!!! :) :) Nothing but craziness over there, is it??!? LOL!! I don't like bees @ all ~~ so I don't blame you there!! :) :)

Your scrabble tiles are fantastic ~ it's one of my all time fave games ~~ so I don't think I would let you have my set... LOL!! But, you did marvelous things with them all!! :) :) :)

RE: Snail ~~ eek! Poor thing! That would have made me super sad, too!!

Biggest bloggy hug to you!
Feel better, Miss Crafty!!

Anonymous said...

That is the bee's knees who is sitting on the cats whisker, Tracy!

The cutest, most creative project ever!

You're a whiz, if ever a wiz, there waz!

butterfly said...

They may have caused you some traumas along the way, but oh-my-word they're adorable! Gorgeous idea, and beautifully executed...
Alison xx

Linda . J said...

What gorgeous tiles Tracy and in such beautiful colours, love the design.
Wow what a day you have had I hope you sleep well and its another day tomorrow and all will be well!

Hugs Linda

Micki said...

oh wow...... love it. Absolutely love it. And I had to chuckle, because I have "those" type of crafting days all the time. But these turned out awesome!!!!!

Traceyr said...

Oh Tracy what a silly sausage you are! hahaha

Your scrabble tiles are fantastic and I'm sure that is what the bee was trying to tell you hahaha. As for the snail they are a nuisance in the garden anyway so don't feel too bad.

As for the jeans *fingers crossed* the DI has come out.

x :)