Thursday, 8 November 2012

Your invitation to the Christmas Love Campaign

Hi everyone,
most of you may know that I was over the moon to be chosen for Susan K Weckesser`s Design Team and as part of the team I would love to invite you all to come join in with Susan`s Christmas Love Campaign,a campaign that touches peoples hearts all around the world.
I have only known Susan such a short time but she is one of the most caring and inspiring ladies I am lucky to know and I would love if you could pop on over and watch Susan`s video telling you all how she started the campaign 4yrs ago,it will touch your hearts!
Everything you need to know including a blinkie to pop on your blog...isn`t it a cutie?
Just click HERE
Please could you also pop...a lot of popping I know,but fun...along to facebook and like as well
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See how good I am taking the work out of it for you,lol!

Life we know can be hectic,full off ups and downs like a rollercoaster ride and we can get so taken up with what`s going on in our own life, that at times we can forget what others are going through,such is life at times.
To be able to touch someone`s heart and brighten even the bleakest day and show that we care in even the smallest of ways is a reward all on it`s own.
So I am asking you all if you can spare a little time doing the thing you love....
something from the heart and passing it on,it could be a stranger, a friend, a family member or a neighbour and show them that we care!
So please come join in the the "Christmas Love Campaign" and show what caring crafters we are...
Susan has "AMAZING" sponsers on board
Unity Stamp Company
had this adoreable image made into a stamp for the campaign and with each purchase Unity will donate $3 towards the Christmas Love Campaign...woohoo!!
 As you craft up some love it would be AMAZING if you could share a picture on the Christmas Love facebook wall page HERE!
We would love to see and hear your brightens our day!
....To kick things off....
First Contest
November 6 – November 16, 2012
Start you engines and get out your tags!
Make some creative and whimsical tags........
Have fun!!!!
Then gift one or two or three to a neighbour, stranger, or anyone that looks like they need a little extra something special in their life! Take a picture of them and post them to the Christmas Love Campaign Face Book Wall or email the picture to
The Prize:
276409_121570594556936_4069079_nSome ‘AWESOME’ goodies from WESTCOTT!Slide1 (1)
Hope to see you on the campaign and please help spread the word.
Big hugs to you all
Happy crafting


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Julie Short said...

Great work Queenie!

michelle hodges said...

This is so amazing!! Going out of town on Sat. and next week for 2 days hoepfully I can join in on the next challenge!
Love & hugs!

Barb King said...

Love your tags on the next post but couldn't find the comment button. Very subtle and cute tags!