Monday, 5 December 2011

December Daily...Day 2,3,4...

Wow where did the weekend go . . . did i blink and miss it?
Nooooo i was facing the hoards of Christmas shoppers on Saturday and Sunday . . . i deserve a medal,lol!!
But in all the madness and mayhem i still managed to do my journal  woohoo and loving it.
Before i pop the pictures on i want you all to know i have loooved reading all your comments . . .thank you all so much and a warm welcome to my new friends,thank you for following!
I will be announcing the winner of my blog candy tomorrow.
I have been having problems with blogger when it comes to uploading pictures sooo fingers crossed this works.
First pic is day 2 in my journal
An idea roughly for my Xmas cards this year . . . keeping it simple for a change with some added Lace trim,Stickles and a little wooden heart.
The envelope is for Alex and our two boys and  on the back of the little tag it reads Angel wishes for Alex,Rory and Kane what i wish for you is
" Live well,Laugh often,Love much "
Inside the envelope is an . . . . . Angel . . . . of course!

I used my vagabond  {at last Alex says!} to cut out the Angel die and added German glitter glass..all twinkly and sparkly!
Day 3

Documents another day shopping in lovely St.Andrews,each tag lits open like a book and holds journalling.
The first pic is my Favourite shop in St.Andrews . . . "Bonkers" . . . i adore the name and everything that it holds inside!!
There is another picture that shows the streets with trees and twinkly lights just behind this one...sorry i forgot to take a pic to pop on here.
and more journalling . . . oooh and that is the back of the pic that i didn`t take for on here. . hanging head in shame!!!
Day 4
Arghhhh i forgot to take my camera . . . of all days . . . yesterday was such a beautiful day and on our way to a xmas farm shop a flock of birds took flight,.it was a delight to see and one i will not forget . . . so seeing as no pictures . . DUH . . . i hunted out this beautiful little tag and paper with a bird to mark that day.
Journalling on this pretty MME paper.
I am loving how it is getting even fatter with memories.
We had a lovely weekend and even managed to "almost" finish our Christmas shopping for family and friends. 
I am so tired that i can feel how  screwed up my eyes are,lol,that is what getting up at 4.15am does for you!!
I am away to bed but i will be over to visit you all after work tomorrow.
Till then 
cheerio and night night for now


Anonymous said...

Thats really beautiful Trace, you have done an amazing job!

Bee's hive said...

You never cease! I love the handwritten notes. I love looking at my family's old bible with all the dates and handwriting from a several generations. My Grandmother asked me what I wanted of hers when she passes (I know it sounds gruesome but I don't shy from that stuff) and all I want is that bible with it's crumbling pages and the smeared ink. It's so what I'm trying to say in a long winded way is I love handwritten journals and you're keeping it real:)

Rhonda Miller said...

What a gorgeous journal. I should do one of these. TFS.

Deb said...

loving your daily so far, it is so personal and so pretty!
have a great day, Debxx

Michelle H. said...

I just typed 2 paragraphs and blogger went blank so if 2 show up please delete one. LOL!
Gorgeous album and Im always amazed at your talents with albums!! Love the envelope with the hearts, the tag and all the trims!!
Love that you have done so much journaling!! WTG!!
Hope you can get some more rest!!
Love ya!!

Cheryl said...

oh gosh hun this is just brilliant,just love love this to bits,amazing work hun love cheryl xxx

Laura said...

I love what you are doing, taking the time to make such lovely pages. :)

Janet Carr said...


Stephanie said...

I saw your recent comments on my sister's blog (Lynley J) and had to check out your site in return. What lovely, lovely designs! I am especially fond of the pages with the vintage music sheets. I can't help but smile and hum Christmas carols when I see them.

Can't wait to check back again to see more of your work.

Til then, Happy Christmas!

Glitzzynews blogspot said...

Tracy,u never cease to amaze me,i luv ure pages,they are a delight to read,and to see all ur treasures,i adore the angel,glitter glass -is bliss & bling all together.Keep up the fantastic work,u are making such a beautiful memory for the boys,luv u mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Roberta said...

Love those MME papers and the angel is so sparkly! I'm keeping my cards simple this year as well...usually I order photo cards but I've been getting so many free cards from the charities that I support that I'm going to use those and take the time to actually write some personal notes this year.

Estellita said...

Whaouh !!! I really love your ancient and vintage album !!! It's usual for me to do this on my minis, but i didn't do this with my DD ... And that's a really good idea !!! Your DD is awesome !!

Yolanda said...

Love the vintage look of your album and all the crafty details. And thanks for visiting my blog!

Alison said...

fabulous it all1
Alison xx

Missscrap said...

whaou, I love your DD, it's beautiful !! it's a gorgeous DD.

Hi, I'm Vicki said...

wow your book is looking aweseome, really gorgeous!!! i love that you're doing alot of handwriting in the book.
We don't live in Edinburgh, we're actually in Buckhaven.... so close to you guys - I actually grew up in glenrothes and I run a crop in Kirkcaldy - let me know if you're interested. have a great tuesday xx