Friday, 10 June 2011

Ten things and!!!!

I had this post already and set to go on the tenth but i am having problems with blogger....HELP......i try and leave comments at friends and sometimes it will let me other times i come up as annonymous and other times it just plain ignores me....what is going on????
Apologies for all the gorgeous blogs i haven`t managed to leave comments on.
Anyhoo here is the post i made on the ....10th,lol!!
So fingers crossed it is going to work tonight!!!!!
Visiting the inspirational Shimmelle tonight and seeing her post on ten things on the tenth i was inspired to join here goes....
10 things i have fallen in love with this month
While doing a spot of the old bloghopping this past week i found this gorgeous heart..need it want it.....

Pretty papers....

Loooove this collection and had to buy them..ooooh scrap happy this weekend

Ooohhhhh i fell in looove i thickle,lol,with this shabby vintage Girls Paperie paper girl collection..sooooo excited and can`t wait till it arrives and i confess to ordering 2 packs...gulp!!!

Poppys glorious poppys...they make me smile...
Echinacea ..bought some this little fairy skirts.... another plant that cheers me up
I just love this drama....
Watched Lord of the rings again snugggled up on the couch with Alex...Bliss...thoughi missed the end as i was so comfy i nodded off,lol!!!
Oooooooh guess what came in the post......go on.......
Our tickets arrived wooohoooo!!!!
"Take That tickets for the Progresss Tour"
Passed on two of my own fav projects that i have made in the past for The Pay It Forward Project
My little shabby house...

My home to roost nestbox

Last but by no means least
The beautiful Tulips that Alex brought home for me tonight.


Rhonda Miller said...

Glad you got your post to work. I don't know what's up with blogger lately. Sometimes if you uncheck the "stay logged in" box it will work for the commenting.
Those flowers look so pretty. I love the birdhouse.

Mary said...

Hey girl!
I was having the same issue. I was told if I recently updated IE to click on the Compatibility View ( it looks like a little torn piece of paper). Also when logging in do this:
Log out

relog in (but DO NOT check the save info box )
Mine was checked and "I" never checked it. Once I did that everything began working fine & dandy.

Also I was having issues where I could see my followers on my home page, although when I logged into my dashboard and clicked on my followers there none. But after I (or so I thinK it was "me" and help of friends) repaired the first issue the follower issue was repaired on it's on in 2 days.

Mary said...

OOPS I think I posted under my practice blog (303 College St). It's me Mary from Mary's Little Corner of the World. Have I confused you LOL

Annmaree (Emu) said...

So glad to see you again!

Love Echinacea and basically everything you posted there!

Great shabby house!

I'm not sure whats going on with Blogger another friend said they are having the same trouble? I have no idea why!

Vanessa said...

Hi Tracy!! I love you're blog and to share more with you. I visit you many times, but you know what is my english!! Ahhhh, but for that problem ... I found the solution "google translator", hehehey! I know that sometimes the translator not translates it as I like .... but I resolved. And now what I came here ... You have an award on my blog, please go to the blog and receive it with much love. I have not got many followers, but all I have are wonderful ..... Hugs, from Puerto Rico...See you soon!