Sunday, 15 May 2011

How time flies when all i do is WEED!!!!

Oh wow how the time has flown when all i have had time to do is WEED...WEED..WEED..LOL here!!!
Me and Alex have been spending every spare minute outside work up at the allotment in Scotlandwell where i can report that the weeds are thriving..eeeeeeeeeek..i am sooooo soooo tired of them!!!
But on a brighter note the carrot seeds are sprouting as are peas,Kale,tatties{lots of them},leeks,onions..the list goes on but i don`t want to bore you,lol....
Am i showing my age when i confess to buying gardening magazines and watching Gardeners world and my idea of a great dayout is a trip around garden centres?????
What has happened to me???
Have i caught a virus???
Daydreaming about seeds
Having nightmares about..shiver....WEEDS....
Drooling over veg brochures
In love with Dahlias...i looove them
Grubby hands most of the time
Loving the look of a newly dug bed.....

What can i say except.................

If this is an illness then it ain`t half bad as seeing after a wee while we will get to eat all that goodness that we have grown woooohoooohooo..if only the weeds would give up!!!!

Back up again tomorrow and will try and take the camera so you can all see the dreaded weeds,lol!!!!

But in the meantime this was a quick card i made back in March....

along with a multi layered wooden heart hanging for my Mum and Dad....
i know yet again another card using my fav image of the moment.....
Well thats all for now but hope to pop back with some more pics...
So Toodilooo for now and take care.


Anonymous said...

oh whos this? you look familiar...

Tracy! AHH!!!

So nice to hear from you!

Glad to hear you are busy vegetating? hmmm lol...

No its great fun, I would love to grow my own veggies too, much better for you and definitely more rewarding!

Happy to see your crafting is still going, LOVE your first card with the stitching beautifully vintage which I love and think you do so well!

Great tag with the hearts! And a Beautiful paper pieced image!!! AWESOME!

Now don't be a stranger dearie, keep us posted, even if it is about your weed garden, take pics and all that, would love to see!

Bye 4 Now!!!

Michelle H. said...

Gorgeous cards!! Your stitching is amazing!! Love the designs of your cards I can see why you like that image so adorable & pretty!
Love the wooden heart so beautiful!!
IKWYM about yard work I have been working on weeding and raking I think I have to fill up 4 or 5 more trash cans and all the leaves are raked up!
So sick of leaves!!
Your garden sounds so divine!!
How awesome to have such a great variety! We have a small garden but the june bugs ae bad this year and they are eating the leaves so its not doing to well but we have had 4 small cucumber and a few rasishes, & cilantro.
Hope you have a fabulous week!

Cheryl said...

oh hi hun thought you had,flown away lol glad to hear you have been busy wee to grow our own veg,its great especially love it when they are all ready to pick,and oh the taste nothing like it,see you have not lost your touch hun,brilliant creations,just stunning,hugs cheryl xxxx

Bee's hive said...

This is beautiful, and I don't blame you for using that image, it is adorable. And the wood..I've seen alot of wood does it fare with being mailed?
Thanks again for the ideas, you amaze me!

Glitzzynews blogspot said...

wowww I love your makes,have to say I received the beautiful book box with hearts,it is stunning even more in real life..
Keep up the good work with the crafting and ahemmmm
the gardening to..looking forward to some tatties lol
mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx