Thursday, 31 March 2011

90%real crafters make real messes....

Over on the lovely Annmaree`s blog today she has a post on mess in your craft space....loved her post and piccys....way to go Annmaree,lol...which then led me to...

Kristina Werners blog who is asking messy crafters to unite!

So without further ado.......

I am confessing to being a messy messy crafter..
If you are easily offended then close your eyes now because what you are about to see is real and has not been touched up in anyway..this was how i left it the other day i kid you not!!!!
.....Oh my giddy aunt am i actually revealing my messy for the hills,lol!!!
I did use the glue stick only eek i didn`t pop the lid back on
I did use the crackle paint and phew the lid is on,lol...
I did use the stamps only never popped them away ,can you see it.. and no i don`t often clean them..if it is good enough for Tim then it is good enough for me!!
Oooooooh look i did however throw material over the sewing machine that i did use to stop it getting dusty,lol!!
The threads are all out because i was totally impatient and remember tipping the contents out to get the one i wanted....well it worked for me.
The black boxes actually live on a shelf above the windows but when i craft i need them where i can see in them..thats my excuse and i am sticking to it!!
Anyhoo i ran outside in the piddling rain to take these pics and.........guess what????
I took the pics then bolted back out the door,lol,i will be making another card later today sooooo no point in tidying it i right!!!!!
Looking at this you would never know i am a cleaner hehehehehehehehe this is the place where i let myself go wild then shut the shed door behind one any wiser..until now!!!!
Toodilooo for now and thanks for looking.


Pinkllilac said...

Hi Tracy thanks for the peek into the life of a queen and her mess, I loved it, looking round your place shows a talented crafter at work and the mess will still be there when you go back lol.
Hugs Linda

Rhonda Miller said...

Oh, that's tidy compared to my little crafty corner. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one though. Lol.

GabrielaD said...

Nice!! I love your space.

Deb said...

thanks for showing your realistic work surface, mine can look like that, actually much worse when I am in full swing, it is getting there at the moment as i have a few projects on the go!
Happy Crafting, Debxx

Bee's hive said...

I just love messy! It's the only way to work!

jackiescrafts said...

It's good to see your space Tracy it's good to know I'm not alone in being a messy crafter

I hope you are ok
hugs Jackie x

Anonymous said...

LOL, a very used craftroom, thats what I want to see!!!!


Michelle H. said...

Hi, Tracy!!
Love your craft room it doesnt loook that messy to me! LOL!
I will show mine on Sunday and it is a huge mess!!
Sorry you have been workign so much!
Glad to see another card from you its gorgeous!!
The paper on the nest word I did not create it. I was just sharing it for some inspiration.
I'm not sure what kind of paper was used on it?
So great hearing from you!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

Alex said...

Wow, I love it! I would love love love to have such a huge desk like you do! What a fun space to work in!

Anonymous said...

Great creative space Tracy - yep, you are not alone - my craft spaces are just as messy, especially once I get going lol. Thanks for sharing!

Tracey McNeely said...

Great crafting space! I think you are pretty organized too, you just caught me on a good day! I am actually ashamed of how neat my room was, it means I haven't been creating. :(

Traceyr said...

Haha Tracy your mess is lovely and I wouldn't be able to get my head around crafting in neat and tidy surroundings either :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tracy Sweets, I appreaciate your comments, when can I expect another lovely make from you huh? ;-)

Michelle H. said...

Tracy, so glad you will get to do some crafting or scrapping soon!!
Hope you enjoyed the weekend!!
Looking forward to seeing your gorgeous creations soon!