Saturday, 23 October 2010

It`s been soooo long!!!

It has been soooooo loooong since i sat up here on the computer and checked out me sad and very neglected blog...blowing away the cobwebs "whoooooooooo"...cough,splutter sheesh there where a lota lota cobwebs,lol! Or should that be cackle,cough,splutter due to the fact that i am totally chocked with the dreaded cold and the most tiresome cough for going on 4 weeks now!!!
As if i haven`t been feeling miserable enough would you credit it that i am also on and not been well....humph life sometimes throws you a loop de loop i guess....we had all these plans on what we would be getting up to and needless to say not one not two not three things or more did we do..ahhhh well i still have one week to go and hopefully in that time i will be feeling more human and ready to face the world again.....oh and of course back to work.....the joys i have to look forward to,lol.
I am in the middle of going through a dose of the "uglies" yep you read that right..have you ever suffered a dose of the "uglies".....if you have you know exactly how i am feeling......
"The Cure"
Hide from the world under a huge fluffy duvet,hankies,a book or two and my electric blanket at the ready...just incase you where worrying i wasn`t going to try and give myself an electric shock with the electric blanket only use it as a means to keep warm..promise!
Sooooo when i was tootling around on here tonight i have popped on over to the lovely shabbyblogs site and gave my blog a wee well deserved makeover already for a fresh new start and over the next few days will pop on some pics of ....
"Bob the Pumpkin" that we grew up at our allotment .....i want to .....
 "EAT HIM"       
and Alex wants to.......
"carve him"
Hmmm either way i guess i am glad i am not a pumpkin right now but i can tell you he has had a great life...
well watered,fed and a bed of straw with blocks of wood that kept him of the ground.
Whatever we decide i promise that Bob will not suffer!!!
Truly have loved spending time with Alex up there weeding,planting,picking and eating the goodies that we have grown this year.
Sooo crafting has taken a back seat so far this year but now the dark nights are here and the crafty virus is a calling and i feel the need to go out to my shed and get some much needed craft therapy!
Maybe i will have to give it a quick blitz has been a while.
I also need to take some time and catch up with you all in blogland and give friends a ring and let them know i am still in the land of the living.....or at least living in my mad world!
Jeez i forgot how much i ramble!!!!
Catch you all soon


Anonymous said...

HEY Tracy!!! I often thought of you!!!

I'm sorry you haven't been well!!

Definitely know what you mean about the uglies I think we all get in that place sometimes but the things is not to let it go on for too long and dont let it drag you down!!!

your a great person and I love hearing you ramble, makes me feel less crazy myself LOL!!!

Enjoy the pumpkin carving can't wait to see. want to see some craft lovelies coming from you, get working lol.

Have a great weekend!

Cheryl said...

hi hun have missed your posts,as not only to see your creative things but your humour too,have missed that a lot,so do not take too long to come back hun as i have missed you,cant wait too see the pumpkin,and enjoy the rest of your holiday hugs cheryl xxxx

Max said...

Well what a lovely surprise to see a little bit of activity around here again. Have missed ya' xxx
Sorry that you're still not well - not unlike life a la Lawson with one thing after another but you just got to keep smiling. As for the "uglies" - I think that's my middle name this year but that's ok 'cos that means we can be the Ugly Sisters ROFLOL!
Hope I'm near the top of your call list - it's been a while though so we may just have to arrange a meet or the bill will be enornmous LOL!

Just heading up the wooden stairs as Naomi is bowling tomorrow morning and we have to go pick someone up in Kelty - hope I don't get lost *gulp* My sense of direction is shocking - even with a map!
Take care and call me soon xxx

Max's Craft Creations
Bah! Humbug! Challenges DT

Michelle H. said...

Hi, Tracy!!
Been thinking of you and it is so great to hear from you!!
I miss chatting with you!!
Do you have Facebook?
So glad to hear you are enjoying the pumpkins!
Sorry that you had been sick so glad you are feeling better!
Yes I know all about the uglies thinkwe all go through that once in awhiel in out lives!
Hope you get through that quick its not good to be there to long!!
Eventually you can start feeling frustrated and forget how beautiful we really are.
Big hugs to you!!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, my lovely Tracy, it's so great to hear from you again :0)

Sorry that you're not feeling well at the minute - and also have been fighting the uglies (they do get themselves around - got to give them a good boot up the bum and send them packing their bags back to ugly bugly land)!

Allottment sounds great - pumpkin!! He's got to be carved with it so close to Halloween.

Hope you start to feel a bit better soon - sending big hugs your way with a little twinkling Tracy dust to get you back to your normal self x

jackiescrafts said...

Hi Tracy it's good to see you around again

Sorry you haven't been well, I hope you are back to normal really soon, I know what you mean about the uglies but don't let them stay around for too long before you send them packing back to ugly land

Mmmmm the pumpkin sounds great, you can always carve him and eat the insides, you get the boest of both worlds that way lol

Take care hun and i look forward to seeing your makes real soon

Hugs Jackie x

Traceyr said...

You ramble away Tracy, so glad to have you back and wow! what a lovely looking blog - that owl is great.

Hope the pumpkin can get eaten seems a shame just to waste it on being carved up.

Hope to see soon what you have created when you do finally get out into your shed.

Wish you a speedy recovery from the lurgy. x