Monday, 25 October 2010

Better late than never....

Some of my lovely follower friends may remember way way back in April 2009...i know a while ago right,lol..
that i entered a competition for Scrapbook magazine called Art from the heart and it was sponsored by the lovely Art from the heart shop...and i won and got an amazing prize of gorgeous stash.
You had to make an "altered piece of art" and it had to come from the" heart" and i made a little chest of drawers from large matchboxes and inside each drawer-a little book told a story...well i never did get round to posting the pictures on here and seeing as it is too dark to take pics of Bob the pumpkin outside....he is waiting his fate out in the wee greenhouse at the backdoor i thought i would pop them on here but be warned it is kinda picture heavy.
This is what started the journey for me......on the handle is a word strip from cosmo cricket paper and it reads
"As soon as i saw you i knew an adventure was going to happen."
From this came the idea to use the boxes to mark important stages in my life from the very first time i saw Alex to where we are today after 24 years together.

 This picture is a side view of the drawers when opened..each one a special time in my life......
All yours-            when my husband and i met
Cherish you so-   when we married
Oh boy-              our two boys
Love you so-       Grow old with me 
 This first drawer holds a little laminated tag book with pictures along with a little scroll that tells the story when we met for the very first time.
Pictures and journalling inside........Oh we where sooo young,lol. 
This is the inside of the drawer...what you see once the tag book is out. 
This little drawer tells the story of our marriage and honeymoon. 
Going  on honeymoon picture.
This little tag book holds pictures of our wedding day and honeymoon and also the lucky penny that my Auntie Jessie gave me to pop in my shoe.
2nd drawer inside with a little cosmo cricket quote 
This drawer tells the story of our two boys inside a matchbook album...happy memories!
 Sharing two pics of our boys.
Inside the 3rd box with a little cosmo cricket chipboard quote.
This drawers holds my wish for our future together on two little rusty hearts.....
To promise that we grow old together. 
Inside the last drawer once the hearts are out and to this day i am still crazy in love with my husband,my best friend...Alex!
Thanks for looking and watch this space for the pictures of Bob the pumpkin coming soon!
Big hugs


Jasmine Wilmany said...

That's amazing!♥

Anonymous said...

What a truly beautiful project and keepsake - it shows that you put your heart into it. Love all of the little details, sentiments and photos.

Anonymous said...

This is totally awesome!

LOve the lil drawers and the heart and love filled in them, you can really see it!!!

Beautiful project!

can't wait to see more ;)

Michelle H. said...

I can see why you won!!
This is a stunning and very creative altered box!!
Love everything about is!!

Kate said...

All I can say is 'wow'! That is absolutely incredible. Thanks for visiting my blog. x

Cheryl said...

oh wow hun this is just amazing gosh so well done,the detail in this pure delight,you can really tell that this came from your heart hugs cheryl xxxx

Glitzzynews blogspot said...

Wowww Tracy, its so much more beautiful in real life,I have seen it and it is stunning......You so deserved to win your prize...
Luv U Glitzzy (mum) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Glitzzynews blogspot said...

Sorry,forgot to say luv......your new blog,soooo refreshing luv the owl,yes please do mine !!!!!
Glitzzy luv u loads xxxxxxxxxxx

Basement gal said...

It's absolutely gorgeous and I'm so glad to see your still creating in that little shed of yours. Congratulations on your win - well deserved.

bead addict said...

Hi there,
What a lovely idea. You are so lucky to have this artistic talent!

Traceyr said...

Aaaah no wonder you won Tracy that is wonderful and so full of great memories and wishes for the future.

I can't wait to see a photo of Bob the Pumpkin either. :) said...

Fabulous things!
I just came across your blog and its amazing!

All the best!

Liberty Biberty said...

What an awesome idea!
It all looks fabulous and beautiful. I love it, specially those rusty hearts!

Melissa said...

Wow! How amazing!! I love this's like an antique treasure.

Susan said...

What a gorgeous project, I LOVE it!! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog! Have a great day.

Andria said...

Can see why you won, totally stunning and so much thought and work behind each piece, well done.