Sunday, 21 March 2010

Abseiling..who me?

You might remember a while ago i posted up a lot of firsts and one was when i abseiled down The House of Frasers in Edinburgh...well here is a layout i have been working on with me doing the abseil.
The picture of the piccy below shows a photo that has been hidden behind the main one and as usual chortling away but this time totally big cousin Craig was organising the abseil and was on the phone,i told him i was getting terrified the closer it came to doing it and he said he would get me to do something that would help!!!!
Help.......NOT......he told me to lie on the floor flat on my back and place my feet against a door and then to reassure me ...well.....he told me how i was lying is how i would be when i go over the may i ask was that going to calm my erratic beating heart i tell you!!!!!!
Hence that manic giggling piccy of me on the floor.
But you know what it is the best thing i have ever done for myself..exhilirating and terrifying all at the same time and looking at these pictures brings it all back as if it where only yesterday.
Well i need to go and get some sleep back to work tomorrow arghhhhhhh!!!!
Why are weekends so short and the week soooooooo long????
Big hugs
nighty night



Cheryl said...

oh hun great layout and had to laugh too,love the pictures,you are so brave as I am just terrified of heights hugs cheryl xxx

Michelle said...

Fabulous, LO!!
Love how you created your LO around the pictures!!
Wow! You are brave!!
It looks scary!!
I probably would have done it too!
Hope you have a wonderufl week!!

Spyder said...

Oh WoW Tracy!!! I remeber you sayig you did this!! I don't do lifts- let a loan THIS!!! (The Seattle Space Needle's was the BEST lift in the world, really high and fast but no sicky feeling!!) But THIS!!! no way never!!! I'd never do it, not for chocolate not for... I'd have to be the second to last person in the world, with the other person needing saving to get me to even think of doing this!!

(Lyn) have a great day!

Max said...

I've alwyas known you are AWESOME!
I would've needed some kind of bucket contraption under my chin to prevent onllookers below being spattered - and that would be just from standing at the top LOL!
Nope - couldn't have done it - no way - no how.


Jeanette said...

Hello there. Woo Hoo, for you doing such a scary thing. I love your LO.

And, FINALLY, your ATCs are on the way. I'm sorry for the delay.

I hope to see you at I Did It Creations.


Anonymous said...

Tracy - how fabulous and crazy :O) that you did such a thing. Blind panic would have overtaken me I'm afraid - heights make me feel sick. But what a brilliant memory.... will we be seeing you on adrenalin junkie....

You only live once, good on ya!

Shelly x

jude said...

gosh heights arent my thing walking up flight stairs with holes in makes me dizzy and you enjoyed it bet was over in flash!OMG ...i feel sick at the thought hun.Ido admire you hun more guts than i have
hugs judex

jude said...

Should sday guts!!!see im shaking at the thought of
hugs judex

Ayelet {Jenny} said...

I think they should make the week into a weekend and the weekend into a week, Life would be so much better then :-)
Thank you for your kind comments on my last post, I have read them all to Alan and he is really moved by all of you guys x

The first thing that I was thinking when I saw the post was why the house of frasers LOL You are brave! Love the LO and God! you are brave! :-) x

Traceyr said...

Danger Woman and Wonder Woman rolled into one! haha Don't know how lying on your back helps with the height????? Maybe I should try it for my balloon flight? lol

Wonderful layout Tracy.


Michelle said...

I just love this LO!!
Awesome detail work!!
Sending hugs, and love your way!!
Hope the rest of the week goes better for you!!
Glad you had a laugh at my pathetic messy scrap room!!