Sunday, 14 February 2010

Lori`s birthday bash...Firsts...

Lori is celebrating her first year of blogging with a  birthday bash involving Firsts, pop on by her lovely blog and read all about Lori`s firsts.
To celebrate and a chance to win her gorgeous candy i have to tell about my first....
Lots to choose from
My first day at primary school -i must have made my Mum and Dad ill because i screamed and the teacher had to take me away,her name if i remember was Mrs.Moonie,lol,i cried for 6 weeks Mum says!!!
My first Holy Communion..exciting,butterflies in tummy and breakfast in the "Nunnery" a treat indeed!
My first date with Alex at the grand age of just turned 17y,lol,a walk around the avenue and our
First kiss in the playpark under an umbrella in the park..bliss!!!
Our first holiday together to Turkey.
My first time on an aeroplane..butterflies,handtwisting...soaring!
My very first time abseiling down the House of Frasers in Edinburgh-oh my giddy aunt it was for charity and i felt terrified,free,excited and exhilirated i will never ever forget that feeling hanging in mid air.
Will pop a piccy up tomorrow of me dangling,lol!
The very first time i entered any competition and came runner up in scrapbook magazine..

This is the 3 layouts that i sent in.
My first win in a competition for altered art from the heart have the pictures on here but eek don`t laugh i have found them but not in pictures and not sure how to get to them will try again tomorrow,computers,humph!!Lol
The first time i applied to join a craft group,gulp!
My very first  craft show, terrified no one would like what i made,lol!!
My very first sale woohooo!
My very first commision to make a 12x12 scrapbook album with pictures.
My first family holiday with us all together as a family of four Alex,Rory ,Kane and me.
My first Niece Niamh
Oh my i could go on and on with the first thing i made to family stuff, but these are a few of my very firsts.
Thanks for stopping by and Happy Anniversary on your first year of blogging Lori woohooo!!!


Cheryl said...

oh love these layouts hun gosh you are brave to absail you could not get me doing it he he great pictures of the family too hun hugs cheryl xxxx

Lori said...

I absolutely LOVED reading all your Firsts! Thanks so much, my friend, for joining in on my blogaversary bash. I didn't get as many visitors as I thought, but I do appreciate you stopping by and linking your wonderful story of Firsts with mine! BTW, I love your layouts!

Max said...

Oh wow ... how can you remember all those firsts?
I'm lucky if I can remember the first cup of coffee every day LOL!
Having said that, I have very vivid memories of our first meeting - how scary and exciting was that? So glad we did - mwaahhh


jude said...

Wow Tracy you have abetter memory than i do hu!!Love the layouts.Gosh love the new look on the blog too!
Hope your well love n hugs judexx

Pinkllilac said...

Wow Tracy I loved reading all your firt's and your layouts are beautiful. First kiss now that brought back memories :-) with my hubby, I go all mushy thinking about it.
Thanks for sharing.
Hugs Linda

Anonymous said...

Lots of wonderful firsts there, would love to see a pic of you dangling by a rope, I could never do that!!!

How fun for you, you should totally scrap a page of "firsts!"

Those 3 you showed are great, way to go!

Spyder said... way never would you get me absail anywhere!

I can remember my first taste of bacon and running egg dipped on a finger of fried bread...I think I was still on rusks! Lovely layouts

Traceyr said...

Wow - to you abseiling - I'll be back to see photos! :)

What a great lot of firsts you have done too Tracy!