Tuesday, 5 January 2010

"On the night before Christmas...."

"On the night before christmas when all through the house 
not a creature was stirring not even a mouse..........................."
Not in our house, lol,when i got in from work at the back of 7pm i was rushing out through the snow to my wee shed to make some name cards for the table for the next day.
Rooting around manically for inspiration and thinking about all we had to do before bed...
arghhhhhhhh imagine  papers flying everywhere.....
in the end i discarded the idea of making paper name tags..
all that cutting and glueing and so little time...
My  trusty hearts yelled "what about us "
already spray painted using Alexs paint shhhhhh,
and with the help of cosmo cricket alpha stickers, cute little tags,buttons and ribbon i was all set although...
in my usual rush i forgot to take pictures of the other 9 which everyone loved and took  home to hang on there trees,all the hearts had names or initials and a little tag with a diferent saying.
I also made these two white hearts for my boys instead of a card...

which means they can be popped on the tree year after year.
Ahh well housework is calling me so
Toodlepip for now
Stay warm
the only creatures still stirring in our house at 3am on xmas morning was myself and Alex and we did look like a couple of creatures by that time,lol!!!!


Irene said...

Hello Tracy

What a fabulous idea and a gorgeous keepsake.

Thank you so much for leaving a message and becomming a follower of Bah!Humbug, we appreciate your support. Looking forward to seeing your projects in our forthcoming Challanges.


Anonymous said...

Super sweet Tracy! Fabulous little keepsakes x

Clarky J said...

They are fantastic! brilliant idea xx Janet

Michelle said...

The heart are beautiful!!
I have my hearts waiting to decorate for Valentines!
Love that you used your for Christmas a really fun idea!!
Love that you added initials on them super cool!
Hope you have a Blessed week!

Cheryl said...

oh these are great hun fab idea too hugs cheryl xxxxx

Basement gal said...

So cute your tags - I hope you're not too snowed in!!?? and able to make it as far as the shed?
Thanks for the fabulous comments on my blog your support is truly appreciated.

Lori Apgar said...

Love your blog! I saw your latest project on sketchs4all - I love all the sewing you did!

Traceyr said...

Tracy those hearts are a lovely idea rather than a card and as you said can come out again next Christmas. I love the shape of them too.

Hope the snowy weather is bearable for you it is driving me crackers.


kanishk said...

Looking forward to seeing your projects in our forthcoming Challanges

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