Thursday, 6 August 2009

Yikesss my big 40th birthday is almost upon me...

First thank you everyone who has left such lovely comments and "Helloooo" to my new followers thank you so much and a warm welcome to my little piece of blogland.
Well today my friends is my last ever day to be in my thirties arghhhhhhh i can not believe that tomorrow i am going to be ....ooooooh sitting here with my face all scrunched up....."4o".....where did all that time go,i dont feel grown up enough to be in my forties ....ouch... that made me winch typing that, thought that i would be in twinset and tweed skirts,lol though i thought that when i was about ten years old when anyone over 20y seemed old,
when i hit twenty myself i thought 20 isn`t old it`s young,
when i hit my thirties i thought "och this isnt old"
and no doubt tomorrow "40" will seem like not so old and fifty younger still
and my fav jacket is my "denim one" and cant see that changing any time soon.
I am rambling sorry.....
As you know Alex bought me a shed for my...40th...and has turned it into my craft room woohoo and tomorrow Alex is taking me{no doggies or kiddies}away for the weekend the first time we have been away together on our own since the boys came along{Rory the oldest is 18} and i am sooo excited that i have butterflies in my tummy as i sit here typing,lol.
Hmmm maybe being 40{almost but not till tomorrow,lol} aint so bad after all.
We have had "major, major "problems and stress with the computer but have had it cleaned up and made ship shape so will be popping by for a visit to everyones blog on Monday.
Till then
Big hugs
chin chin cheerio


Katy said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tomoro honey :)


Pinkllilac said...

Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you, ok enough of my singing. Have a wondefull day
Hugs Linda

Cheryl said...

happy birthday for tommorow hun and have a great time lvoe cheryl xxxxxx

Spyder said...

aw, sorry, happy birthday for last week!!!

maxine said...

Happy Birthday Tracey, being 40 is not as bad as it sounds. I turned 40 a few months ago, So I know how you feel lol. Enjoy your weekend away and your special day.

jackiescrafts said...

Happy Birthday Tracey
Have a great weekend away, 40 is young it's really not that bad........ honest

Hugs Jackie x

Michelle's Blog and Cards said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU TRACY - 40 is scary - I know 'cos I got there last year !!! But life begins at 40 you know so enjoy it all hun - Michelle xxx

Emilie said...

Happy birthday! Sure you'll have a great time during that special weekend away! Can't wait to see some pictures of your craft shed!
I have a little something for you on my blog!

Vicki said...

Oh no Tracy, I missed your special young birthday! Awww hope you had a fabby time with lots of lovely pressies, because you really should get lots of pressies on your 40th! I should let my hubby read this just so he knows that I will expect lots of (I also hit the big 4 0 on the 23rd:(
Hope you had a beautiful weekend.

Vicki x