Monday, 10 August 2009

My Weekend away......warts and all,lol.....

Okay you all know i turned the big 4o on Friday and Alex was whisking me away for the weekend,just the two of us ahhhh felt like we where going on honeymoon again,lol!!
Well Alex had booked us into a gorgeous hotel up by Loch Tay stunning scenery......but sadly things did not go quite to plan.....
We got away later than expected as family and friends popped by to wish me Happy Birthday{and rub it in about turning 40,lol}so it was late and dark when we arrived but the hotel looked lovely and there was a full moon reflecting of the water ahhhh bliss....but the room was nothing like the pictures we had seen oh my giddy aunt we where speechless when we saw it this couldn't be right..where was the beautiful room we saw in the pictures...the room was to be honest dreadful,peeling paint,cracks,musty oh my giddy aunt if you could have seen it,but exhausted we were and it was late so we decided we would make the best of it stay the night then find somewhere else in the morning...we had a bit of a giggle about it and tried to see the funny side of it but eewwww come 12.30am we had had enough!! Noise from the pub next door was dreadful,our room was next to the lift which did a lot of groaning and when the wildlife in the room started to appear well enough is enough so we complained at 12.30 and told them we would rather sleep in our car than stay in that room and we left at 12.45am what to do now......We where both so disappointed as you can imagine but fear not Alex had a "Plan"....
A trip to the complete opposite side of the country to a special place that takes your breath away with the most stunning scenery "Glen Dall"{sorry if i spelt it wrong} up by the Angus Glens we used to go hillwalking there before my back started to play up.
After a lot of driving we arrived just after 3am and we sat in the car and it was bliss as we waited alone except for the odd deer,rabbits and pheasants,lol, on the sun coming up, so yes maybe it was not quite how we envisioned our weekend away but i was still with Alex and enjoying some of the most stunning views so i guess you can say i will not forget my 40th in a hurry.
Thankyou one and all for the lovely comments and birthday wishes.
Thank you to my new followers as well,thank you for linking to me and big hugs too.


Max said...

Oh My Giddy Aunt indeed!!
Sorry your romantic birthday treat didn't go to plan but it's still quite romantic to watch the sunrise together ... and at least it's something you'll never forget :)


jude said...

Omg what a weekend i do hope after youve stopped having alaugh you complain hun it is so wrong they should advertise it a one thing totaly different when you get there.At least you still made the most of it with alex and the lovely scenery.
As Max says it will be a 40th birthday you wont forget.
Thanks for the offer to help with the Alzehimers fund raising much appreciated.
love n hugs judex

Liz said...

oh What a carry on!At least the two of you have a GSOH and that will get you through life together, better luck at 50 lol I poped over to say thank you for becoming a follower it means a lot..
off to look at the rest of your blog now!
liz x

maxine said...

Oh sorry to hear that Tracey. How's it going now your the same age as me lol.
You asked what papers I had used on one of my cards, it is the pocket full of posies stck from DCWV, it was a very good price, I think I got it from miss arty, but can not bee 100% sure about that, got a bad memory lol. Anyway hope you have a good week MAxix

Linby said...

Oh dear what an awful start to your weekend. We had to change rooms last week when we were away, first room smelt of smoke and had an ashtray - but was NON smoking! and had a connecting door with loud children the other side. At least we managed to get another room in the same hotel, poor you with the drive to 3am! Just goes to show you can't know until you get there.

Vicki said...

Oh Tracy, I can't believe that happened to you, you didn't have to pay for the hotel did you?! OMG!
Hope you got lots of nice pressy's though to heal the wounds but I must confess, I did laugh in Horror! when I read it...sorry!

Glad your back in one piece,

Vicki x

Susan.... said...

What a shame about the hotel, but l bet it was still a special weekend for you and Alex !...
susan x

~Mary~ said...

You'll always remember your 40th that's for sure! At least you found the humor in some of it and didn't let the bad win out. Time together is what it's really all about.

Happy Belated Wishes

tiggertastic said...

aww Tracy you can never have a normal trip otherwise you wouldn't be mad as a hatter tracy :)

I am pleased that you managed to make the most of it, and sometimes things do happen for a reason.

Take care sweetness, Sarah x