Thursday, 9 July 2009

Clean up!!!!

Hello and hope you are all having a good time and enjoying the lovely weather,popped on to share a few piccies of our beautiful niece Niamh..after a hectic feeding time some clean up was needed before we saw her mummy,no bath just a shower in our house so our sink came in real handy,lol...i can remember baths in sinks can you?
Wooden spoons make great toys and Niamh loved the noise she could make banging away on the sink!!!!

What can i say but we were exhausted!!!!!We sneaked upstairs,played with the cuddly toys and ended up snoozing away with golly inbetween us..........then Alex snuck up and took this picture and we where blissfully unaware as you can see.
Have printed of the second picture and framed it for Niamhs mum who has had a rough time off it lately and it made her day and i have it framed and on show at the sink windowsill!!!
Take care everyone
luv n hugs


jude said...

Looks like your both enjoying a well earned rest!
no pupppy!
hugs judex

Katy said...

Fab photos honey :) looks like you and Niamh needed the snooze!!


Michelle's Blog and Cards said...

Niamh is so beautiful and the picture of you both sleeping peacefully is also beautiful - Michelle x

Cheryl said...

what great pictures hun you looked as though you really earned your rest mine used to love the kitchen sink too love cheryl xxxxx

Spyder said...

aw...lovely photo's...brings back memories of when we used to 'bath' Emma and Maria...(when they were babies) in the tiny sink in our caravan!


Susan.... said...

She is so beautiful ! what a little angel !...glad you had some quality time together..that was definately a Kodak moment !
susan x..hope you and the family are all well X

jackiescrafts said...

Niamh is so cute, and you look so peaceful sleeping together
I remember baths in the sink from when I was small at my Grans


Anonymous said...

Awwwww you both look so content!!
Bet you all hads loads of fun,remember giving my girls quick bath in sink,it was always lots of fun....... Niamh,is so beautiful,am so happy to see my beautiful daughter and grandchild,having so much enjoyment!!
Luv Mum xxxxx

Max said...

What a doll she is ... just gorgeous!
I remember 'baths' at my nan's house in her huge kitchen sink when we were little 'cos she didn't have a bathroom ... nor an inside loo. Running up the cobbled yard in the rain in your nightie was quite skeeery sometimes. When we got too big to fit in the sink it was a bowl of warmish water, a flannel and Imperial Leather soap for a top to toe wash. Can't imagine my kids putting up with that LOL!


tiggertastic said...

how cute is this blog post, fantastic photos and a pleasure to view

Sarah x