Monday, 15 June 2009

Thank you to all you lovely bloggers.....mwahhhhh

Big kisses and marshmallow hugs to you all!!!!!
Came on to post my take on the new challenge and wow what a lovely thing to come on to my neglected blog and find such lovely comments from you all,thankyou each and everyone of you they are soooo appreciated and i know i say it a lot at the moment but i am sorry i am not around as much and i am missing crafting and visiting all your lovely blogs and will try and get round for a visit at some point before the week is out.
Came in from work this morning to find that Rosie had been sick and now Storm is being sick too so between trying to put my post up and running around manically with a cloth wiping up after them and running out back hosing the sick away well jeez i am tired out already,lol!!!
Rosie has her next set of injections either tomorrow or Wednesday so if things havent settled down Alex will take them both to the vets for a check up as well......eeeekkkk my life has turned upside down,round and round.....thinking of the song and humming away..yep mad as ever!!!!
Well sadly i must go and get on before Rosie gets up into mischief and make sure Storm is okay.
Look forward to catching up with you all but till then
chin chin cheerio


Glitzzynews blogspot said...

Do hope Rosie n Storm, are both well.Does take ages to train a new puppy,lot of work.
Take care Luv Maureen xxxxx
Ps Have to say,even when you are kept so busy,wowww well worth the time,when you post such beautiful items,like the one below,I adore it!!!X

jude said...

Hope they are both feeling .
hugs judexbetter,and youve managed to have some me time.please pop over to my blog as i have something for you

Vicki said...

Oh Tracy, I take my hat off to you, my two boy's would love a dog but I'm afraid I would be
Thank you so much for the comment on my published card, I was absolutely delighted even though I didn't win - but there's always next time!!!

Take care

Vicki x

~Mary~ said...

I found your blog when I was looking about shabbyblog. I must say your scrapbooking is beautiful!
I'm sorry to hear your fur-babies are sick. I do hope they're feeling better now.

I'd like to save your blog into my favorites if that is okay.

jackiescrafts said...

Hi Queenie do hope the dogs are both recovered now.

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, Sansodor is a low odour solvent, a bit like white spirit

Suz said...

Glad you liked the package.
That was really fast shipping... I didn't think you would get until next week

jude said...

Thank you soooooo much for the lovely items received today have great weekend
love n hugs judex

jude said...

Tracy ,
forgot to leave link as i have something for you hun on my blog
Here it is
hugs judex