Monday, 22 June 2009

Blog awards...

I have been so lucky to receive some fantastic awards from some lovely people lately and will wear them with pride on my little blog ,i am touched that you all thought off me and to receive such fab awards makes my heart sing!!
{well if i actually sung you would all disappear,lol}
The first award is from the lovely Vicki.
The next two awards are from the lovely Glitzzy.
The next one is from the lovely Jude.
Thank you from the very bottom of my heart i was touched to receive these fantastic awards,i appreciate each and everyone and will give them out over the next few days.
Please stop on by these lovely ladies blogs for inspiration as they all have fantastic crafty projects.
hugs and big fat kisses mwahhhh
ps and a very warm welcome to the lovely people who have became followers and look forward to stopping by soon and paying you a visit.
big hugs

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Glitzzynews blogspot said...

Tracy,reason you receive these lovely awards is honestly because your blog,as far as I am concerned is to my mind,one of the best going! We do have lots of lovely blogs,but yours,seems to draw people in,I always want to read about what has happened with Rosie or Storm,or your family,keep up the fantastic work.I love it!!
Luv Maureen xxxxx
Ps.Your work is always great as well!! x