Sunday, 24 May 2009


Well everyone this is our surprise....a new addition to our family "Rosie" and she is 8weeks old and a border terrier.
Alex took me out a few weeks ago saying he had a surprise for me....hmmm i thought it must be a piece of driftwood for the garden,lol,boy oh boy after knowing each other for almost 23 years he had managed to leave me in shock and speechless which is no mean feet i can tell you.We always said no more pets as when you lose them it is hard!!!!Storm is now 11years and so canny and loving i never thought we would have any more he hadn`t even so much as hinted.
Taken a few weeks since then to get my head round having another pet but she is adoreable and Storm seems curious,she has been introduced to all the family and as you can see she is all tuckered out...either that or traumatised,hahahahaha.I didn`t tell mum or dad about Rosie and it was killing them wondering what the surprise was they even thought i was pregnant,lol.Everyone is really taken with her and the boys are really happy thankgoodness as they only found out when we brought her home today.
Have to admit to feeling pretty tuckered out myself but wanted to pop on and let you see what the surprise was,sorry not been visiting but hopefully through the week i will get a chance.
Till then
love and hugs
to you all
and will let you see pics soon of my craft space.
Hope you all had a nice weekend.


tiggertastic said...

awww she is soooo cute, what a lovely surprize Tracy. i am so pleased to read that storm is fine with your new addition, and all the family love her, who woundn't love those lovely eyes and puppy face.

Thanks for sharing your surprise, off to have another look at the photo with more ohhhh's

Hugs, Sarah x

Saskia said...

Oooh... so cute and adorable!!

Saskia :)

Spyder said...

aww she's very very cute! Watch out for the sticky dots!


Maggie said...

awww what a cutie, she is adorable, so glad Storm is okay with her, look forward to seeing more pics of her. Margaretxxx

jackiescrafts said...

She is soooooooo cute, what a fantastic surprise.
I'm pleased storm is ok with the new addition

Fi said...

Tracy- she is so cute!!!! totally adorable- what a fab suprise!!


Cheryl said...

awww hun she is so cute what a great surprise I have 2 westies alice is 4 and Rex is 13 and I adore them. Great photo too take care love cheryl xx

Susan.... said...

She´s beautiful Tracy ! can´t wait for updates about her..
susan x

Chick84 said...

Awww she is soooo sweet!! What a fab surprise :) xx

Glitzzynews blogspot said...

She is so beautiful!!!! But oh dear: we were bit stressed out,wondering what the heck was this surprise going to BE!!!!!!
Well all revealed yesterday,she is soooo cute,Storm,seems to be fine with her as well,did wonder if Tracy was preggie!!!! lol Can you imagine... She was quick to tell her Dad,and I Nooooooo she wasn't!
Can't wait to see her craft place all finished,so I can go play there too lol.
Luv U Loads Mum xxxxx

Katy said...

She is gorgeous honey, what a fabulous surprise, Rosie will keep you busy :)

She is so cute!!


BeccaRoo said...

Aww how cute!! Puppies are a lot of work but you get though it. Ours is learning and it's not the best but I think she is getting it and it seems like everyday she gets better. Yours will too.

strawberry fields said...

Thanks for visiting and following my blog :)
What a gorgeous puppy!! I adore dogs and yours is really very sweet. Such a great blog too.
Have a great weekend
Fiona x

jude said...

She's sooooo cute hun,she sounds a they dont stay pups for long.Her eyes are so loveable!
good luck and enjoy the new addition
hugs judex

Spyder said...

Aw she's soooooo cute Hide your slippers, any paper, DDV;s keep the loo seat down (Or maybe that's just with boy dogs)any chocolate cake, actually any eatable or non eatable thing! She's a lovely surprise!

rozzy said...

oooooohhh I missed this one... what a sweetie she is
just wanna I'm sure she is going to give you hours and hours of fun.... hope she doesnt descide she wants to play with your craft bits.. unlike our dog when we first got her.... she was house trained, but i dont think had ever lived inside... she wanted to look out of the window, so decided to jump onto the dining table to do so !!! :o the trouble was that where i craft and everything including scissors were just laying there...she didnt do it again!! bless her though, she was a rescue dog and i dont think had every been shown any love, so I couldn't tell her off could I :)
wouldnt be without her now though :)
have fun
hugs rozzy xx

Teddyree said...

Rosie looks just adorable, I'm sure she'll bring much joy into your home

strawberry fields said...

what a fabulous surprise! you must be over the moon....what a gorgeous puppy
fiona x

Samantha said...

oh, i want one, she is so pretty!!

Denyze said...

What a beautiful baby!!!!!!

So cute, I love how puppies smell