Thursday, 21 May 2009

6X6 scrap pages.....

These are the 6x6 page swaps i made for the crafts beautiful forum and phew so glad i got them finished and will be in the post tomorrow.Was starting to think i would never manage to get round to getting them done!!!!
I used the Little shoebox papers and die cuts oh and the wonky tonky sewing machine,lol that actually behaved itself thank goodness.The little houses,trees and lamppost i cut out from the background paper,not usually into doing something so, well fiddly, but they where so cute.I included a wee drop pics of Edinburgh and the festival in the summer is a must see...street performers everywhere!!!!
If you visit Scotland then you have to go, you will not be disappointed even on a dreek grey rainy day,lol,if anything it looks even better from the old town{my fav} to the new town.
Although i got my pages completed i haven`t started my housework yet,yikes will post this then get on.The time seems to be flying by at such a speed,can you believe it is Thursday again already?
The new craft space outside is up now and woohooo can hardly wait to get all my crafty stash in,alex is painting it then insulating the inside wahhhhh like a young one waiting for Santa to come,lol!!
The garden is a bit of a bombsite at the mo but soon as i can will take some piccies....was lying down at the back window on Tuesday night when i came in from work dreaming ..........sad i know but soooo excited to at last have somewhere to go and craft in and not have to tidy it away all the time.
But for now housework is calling me{arghhh} so for now
chin chin cheerio
luv n hugs


Saskia said...

Lovely work, sweet colours!!


Glitzzynews blogspot said...

lucky you,me still trying to do mine!!!! Your pages are so lovely,n Edinburgh, is a fantastic place to be.
Luv Maureen xxxxxx

Vicki said...

Oh Tracy those papers are just so yummy! The colours are gorgeous and your pages look fab!

Vicki x

p.s. Thanks for all your lovely comments x

Cheryl said...

great work love the colours you have used love cherylxx

Max said...

You have been a very busy bee ... and I bet you can't wait to get into your new craft space. Don't forget my invitation for a looksee when you're up and running LOL!


Julie said...

Thanks Queenie for the sweet comment! I know, i had to keep a sense of humor about things! and I am noo expert in the kitchen, something is always burnt, and well, i've melted alot of utensils! Have a blessed day, and happy weekend!!!

Spyder said...

We wanna see pictures when it's up and running!! ((I'll show you mine if you show me yours~although I'm inside now and hubby is outside ))
Your pages are lovely, gorgeous, fab!

watch out for snails!


Susan.... said...

You are a very clever lady ! beautiful work Tracy...
Thank you for the lovely message you left me, very kind
susan x

jackiescrafts said...

Great page Tracy and I love those papers

Katy said...

Love this, gorgeous colours and layout honey :)

I have posted your orders today :D


Glitzzynews blogspot said...

hugh thanks for doing up my blog!!! What a lovely surprise!
Can't wait till, well later today,not been to bed yet!
looking forward to seeing your craft room!!
Luv Maureen xxxxx

Glitzzynews blogspot said...

lol... I need to sleep,just saw how I spelled Huge!!!! lol..
Luv u Mum xxxxx

Cheryl said...

love this hun great pages love cheryl xx

tiggertastic said...

yah i have i got one of these, i got one of these :) jumping up and down.

i have to say the detail you have managed to put on a 6x6 page is outstanding, so many words, images and i love the cover page

Sarah x

Teddyree said...

Beautiful work, love the papers!