Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Thank you.....

First i would like to thank everyone who has stopped by my blog and also who have left lovely comments lately,have been struck with a bad dose of the cold and chesty cough so have been coming in and napping inbetween jobs,nose blowing,coughing and not forgetting passing it around...instead of papers and buttons lying around it has been cough bottles,cold remedies and hankies,lol,the boys are off with it as well.Our house is making "cough sneezing music at nights"LOL anyone interested in a recording?
The only one not been struck down with it is Alex and if he gets it ,it won`t be as bad it,ll be "MAN FLU!!LOL....."
Look forward to catching up with all your gorgeous makes over the weekend....think i will have a trip around blogland....see you soon,but for now
hugs to all


Susan Caroline Jones said...

Wish you and yours a speedy recovery..
Susan (saramar) CB forum X

Katy said...

Sending you lots of hugs honey :)


BeccaRoo said...

I hope you get well soon when you get the chance please stop by my blog at: there is something waiting for you.

torpenhow07 said...

Hope you feel better soon, you have my sympathy, I have it too

jude said...

Hiya ,
just thought pop message on here theres something waiting for you on my blog
thanks judex

jude said...

Sorry forgot to say at this blog!

maxine said...

Hi Sorry to hear you have been ill, I hope you are feeling better and welcome to the dt.