Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Anniversary card....

This is a quick Anniversary card made in a hurry and for one that is so small you should now see my living room.....think PAPER WAR ZONE.....i kid you not!!!After doing this post i am off to wade my way through the paper,thread, button jungle before i head out to work cause if Alex sees the mess he will think we have been burgled,lol.
You know what it`s like{Don`t you?Not just me is it?}when your not sure what you are going to use and you can`t just use any button,you have to troll through the jars to find the right one and to do that you really need to empty them out on the floor for a closer looksie.
As for paper well you can`t just use the first that comes to hand you need to haul it out as well don`t you?
So after much raking and shuffling i decided on some scraps of cosmo cricket papers,ribbon and "THE" button,lol and with the help of my sewing machine....actually i will confess to kidnapping it from mum a few years ago and well kinda kept it...i know how could i and i am hanging my head in shame...promise!!!This is what i ended up with and hope you like.
you know if i had bought a card i would only have a paper bag to recycle instead of a bomb site,lol,ah well off to contain the mess before heading out to work

Ooops this is the inside which finishes the message on the front.


Max said...

Eeeeeeh ... ya muckee mare!!
Join the club ... I'm exactly the same. Wouldn't be so bad if I was making more than one card at a time, then it might justify the mess LOL!
Still ... who cares about all that when you look at the finished result Tracy ... it's just fabulous with a sentiment that would bring a tear to a glass eye.
P E R F E C T !


Chick84 said...

Loving the card ... I know exactly what you mean, think most crafter's are the same! My partner always complains about the mess but I just tell him it's creative mess! lol
Chick x

pinkpuppy said...

What a beautiful card

Glitzzy said...

But you wouldn't have as much fun if you just bought a card! Tracy,you know you enjoy having a mess,when you are creating lol.
Luv Glitzzy xxxxx