Friday, 13 February 2009

....p.s. i love you.....

Yep P.S I LOVE YOU......along with the postbox you also get a little 6 page chipboard book....i seperated the book to make into individual love notes...spray painted first then inked to age...what can i say but if you know me the shabbier the better.

The first six pics are the front of the letters and each front has a secret top or side opening with a note left inside for Alex.

The bottom pic is the back of the letters and on each one i have written p.s i love you,also 2 other little envelopes with letters inside.

When we first met we always wrote letters to each other ,we still have them yet..boy were we young at 17{me} and 19{Alex}so i guess this is kinda harking back to those days,

All that is left to say is i have loved doing this project,great fun even though downstairs now looks like a bomb has exploded and already planning another for a certain person on Mothers day.......Happy Valentines Day.....



Max said...

Oh My Giddy Aunt Tracy ... what a fabulously romantic gift for hubby.
Poor Jimi's only getting a box of choccies and a card so I think that falls into the 'deprived' category LOL!


PS: Was really disappointed to have missed you today when you called round.... sob ...sob. Thank you so much for the gift and card ... will call you soon. Mwahhhh xxx

Katy said...

Just adore this aswell honey :) I'd love some of your wonderfulnes!!


BeccaRoo said...

Wow these cards are so cute!!

Glitzzy said...

Bet Alex,loved his cards!! n mailbox!! Tracy,me darling your cards are stunning.
Love Maureen xxxxx

Samantha said...

This little box is so sweet! Decorating the inside really makes it special. The pages look great all vintaged up!
Thanks for posting comments on my blog...from across the pond!