Thursday, 26 February 2009

My little circle journal has made it home....

Woooo hooooo at last my little cj has returned home,when my postie delivered it this morning to say i was ecstatic is to put it mildly!!!!
Summersaults,cartwheels loop the loops...never realised i was so nimble........doing it all in my head that is,LOL .......come on i`ve got a dodgy back,i was completly over the moon!!!!!
The pics above is the start of my first ever cj and lets you see how it started off on it`s journey,throw in hearts{you know i luv em}prim material some wax and off i went...the theme for my cj was memories,mine are about my much loved and greatly missed Gran and Di.
Iwould like to thank the lovely
for taking part in my cj and making it special by filling it with your memories,take a bow ladies the next few posts are dedicated to your lovely pages.
Luv n hugs


pinkpuppy said...

at is just so beautiful!

fairy princess said...

awwwww tracy so lovely to see your cj again after so long ,it looks every bit as fab as i remembered it no wonder you are so happy to see it
hugs sara x x

Max said...

Whoo Hoo ... am so pleased that your CJ found it's way back to you after all that worry that it was lost forever. It is every bit as stunning as I knew it would be ... awesome.


Glitzzy said...

Sooo happy you at last have it home where it belongs.
Lov u Loads Mum xxx

torpenhow07 said...

It is beautiful, something to treasure always

BeccaRoo said...

This is a great idea.