Monday, 8 December 2008

Jingle bells,jingle bells.....

Almost time for christmas...oh why oh why did i sell all my christmas cards????arghhhh okay deep breath in then out....ahhhh calm now,NOT!!So much to do and make where has all the time gone and why didn,t i start sooner,how come i thought i had ages when...gulp...i only have a couple of weeks left..i was going to to be sooooooooo organised this year{ i think i tell myself that every year}have the cards all made and in the post,handmade presents for the family made and wrapped...i had so many ideas throughout the year what happened..did someone out there cast a spell or what? December already and no tree up only some cards made and only a....was going to say a handfull of crafty gifts made...but really just hold up a few fingers and that would be truer the mark..
I am now trying{ being the word} madly to get myself going to do what should have been done when i was under that spell,was anyone else affected out there?
Here are a few cards i have managed to put together this weekend,oh i did manage to make more than a handfull inbetween my younger son being violently sick...another story there...
Well i was having Friday night of work ahhhh i hear you say but try noooooooooooo...husband Alex went off to his wargaming club{why oh why does something go wrong when they,re not around?} and i was all set for a night of telly and crafting but wasn,t meant to be,had my tea and then Kane started complaining of feeling sick with a jippy tummy,Kane was popping back and forward between his room and the bathroom,i would have got a medal for the times i ran up and down the stairs like a maniac{now i have a rough idea of how a yo yo feels}until eventually lying down beside my exhausted wee boy{by the way he,s 15 but my youngest}and chasing our mad dog storm from climbing up onto his pillows ....we haven,t told her she,s a dog!!!
Well Kanes much better today thank goodness as he is off to go and watch Slipknot in concert at Glasgow tonight...wooo hoooo it,s part of his christmas and his first ever concert.
Now i really have to go and do some sewing ,atcs,more cards,calendars..............................................


Max said...

Oooooh Tracy ... I think we've both been zapped by the Spell Fairy 'cos I'm kind've 'up the wall' this year too LOL ... but hey ho!
Hope Kane is ok now.


Cambiel said...

wow Tracy, these are fabulous cards! I love the designs.
I also suffered a zapping from some kind of time warp spell - thought I had plenty of time . . . but there you go!
Loving your blog!

Jay - stands for J in June (any will will serve as my name) said...

Lol You are as bad as me, last minute !!
Well you did a great job with these cards.They are gorgeous.
Thanks also for your lovely comment on my paper earrings
Hugs June x

queenie said...

Okay i think we all have to catch that fairy,she seems truly wicked for springing christmas on
Kane is much better thanks max and loved the concert...Alexs ears haven,t recovered yet..told him he,s getting OLD!!
thanks chris...don,t look too close at the machine stitching i make things more shabby than chic!!!thats my excuse for squinty stitch lines lol.
June i love your jewellery and look forward to seeing more.
toodaloo for now
hugs tracy xxx

Glitzzy said...

Wowweeeee Tracy,me sweet darling,I so loveeee your cards,stiching is fab,I so need a machine ha ha, I do love your cards you can see the work you have put into them,so worth it.Love the tiny bits glitter,you getting bit like your mum??
Love u Mum x x x x x x

torpenhow07 said...

Love your cards, they are fab.
We must catch that naughty fairy before next year or she'll cast that spell again lol

tiggertastic said...

Snap! were has the time gone, and why did i not start making them sooner.

Well tracy your cards are just stunning, i love the images and the layouts

Sarah x

pinkpuppy said...

They are lovely cards!

Fi said...

These cards are gorgeous!! Love your twiggy, rust twigs and hearts creation too- it's lovely!!

Thanks for the comments on my cards too. Have a good Christmas!