Thursday, 27 November 2008

Thank you card and mad ramblings

Dont you just love cosmo cricket?I love the aged look that the papers have and decieded to make a card so i armed myself with bucknaked chipboard lace up cards,alphabet letters,black spray paint{belongs to my hubby alex},papers,ribbons,string oh and not forgetting the essential sandpaper of course.....what can i say except i love that worn aged look.
i dont know about you but when i start to scrap my space is soooooooo tidy then" BANG "well it looks like my space has exploded,i remember being up late one night scrapping at the last moment for a craft fair the next day and leaving my craft space as it was{yikes}my big sis and my younger son thought that the house had been burgled,lol.......yep, i am tidy most of the time but when i craft i am a self confessed messy crafter but in my defense what can you do when pretty ribbon wraps itself around your leg,papers literally jump out at you saying "use me"and thats not even getting round to glues,tape,inks.....................
I thought i better warn you if your reading this i have a tendency to ramble and go off on one.My lovely husband Alex has told me he knew i was mad{no one told me!}but it is okay as it,s wait for a nice way he says.
Getting back to the card i had a great time putting it together and was happy with how it looked and sent it off to the lovely team at scrapbook magazine for giving me a boost when i needed it the most.


tiggertastic said...

My goodness you are officially classed as a nut case now Tracy you do make me giggle with your fab ramblings on the blog. Keep up the good work,.

arah x

p.s - the thank you card it just stunning, they will be over the moon with your make

queenie said...

I know sarah can,t keep it quiet anymore as i think you found out earlier,lol.
Glad you liked the card,made an almighty mess doing it{imagine that} ,need a craft room then i can just shut the door on it but sadly no such luck gotta keep tidying it all up!!!
tracy xxxx

Max said...

You are so funny Tracy ... that's why I love ya'!
Your card is super dooper and will make them wish they'd awarded you 1st prize.


queenie said...

Thanks max i am slowly learning how to copy and paste{nothing like decorating,lol}and if you dont mind have added you to my blog links.
huge hugs
the nutter

Jane said...

Love your ramblings Tracy and your blog is looking fantastic already, your a natural girl LOL
Love all the projects that you have showcased so far. Thank you so much for visiting my blog!

Glitzzy said...

Well I knew it would come out one day,but really Tracy,you might have your Glitzzy mum,that you were letting everyone into our well kept hush hush news(about you being a bit bonkers like!) What we going to do now? Everyone knows about the family trait!!!! lol.
Love your card me darling.
Love Glitzzy mum xx

Sally said...

Tracy, that card is gorgeous! I'm a messy crafter too.....if you could see my table now I'd die of embarassment! You asked on my blog the name of the papers I used for my mini magazine holder....they are by Stampin' Up! and called Tea and Crumpets.

Thanks for your lvely comments!

queenie said...

Jane thanks for the lovely comment and enjoyed your blog and its great that i can leave comments at last.xx
Glitzzy what do you mean family trait think i,m the only sane one in the family,lol....

queenie said...

Sally you havent seen the mess i make,we can die of embarresment together....or just do more crafting!!!
I panic if the door goes when i,m in the middle of creating,you dont see the mess until you stop,do you?Have emailed you about catalogue,thanks for getting back to me.
tracy xx