Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Runner up in the scrapbooker of the year with scrapbook magazine

Here are my three layouts that i entered for the scrapbooker of the year competition that i was a runner up in yeahhhhhhhh mental sumersaults going on.Had to keep it really quiet until the mag came out, when i found out i was screaming so loud my hubby thought i had hurt myself heheheh .
Recieved a £150.00 pounds worth of craft stash for being a runner up and one of the pages was published in the mag totally made my day,week,year just what i needed.


Glitzzy said...

Tracy,woweee well done you,your pages for magazine are beautiful!!
Looking forward to seeing lots more.
Love u Mum (Glitzzy) x x x

Liz, said...

Welcome to blogland, it's lookin' good so far. Congrats on your win, you LOs look fab.

Liz X
(lizloveswill on CB and buttonsfor brains blog)

queenie said...

thanks for the lovely comments glitzzy and liz.
woohoo i,m in blogland xxx

Sally said...

Your blog looks great, congratulations on your win...hope you'll share a photo of your prize.

Karen said...

Hi Tracy

Fantastic achievement with your scrapbook pages - congratulations!! A well deserved win - look out next year, Tracy in da house! :-)

Love your blog too, can't wait to read more!

Karen xx

tiggertastic said...

Hello my lovely, i am so so pleased that you came runner up in the magazine, your pages are just stunning,

Sarah xx

pinkpuppy said...

They are beautiful well done.

Denyze said...

Congratulations on your win Tracey, it looks good enough to be the winner in my opinion.

queenie said...

thank you so much for all your lovely comments and i mean that woo hoo and i even managed to find my blog,what can i say but that i am a tad mad!!!!

Cass said...

Very well done! Your pages are fab, must get the magazine... I can boast that I know someone in it!

And a great blog.


Max said...

Welcome to the club ... the 'Bloggerettes' LOL

Well done that girl!! No wonder you were so excited and proud.
Thanks for sharing your layouts you mad woman you LOL!