Thursday, 5 September 2019

Just a girl and her Imagination ...

So sorry I`ve not been around the land of blog ...seems like forever and a day!
This is a longish post but hope you can stay till the end.
So much in my life has changed, losing my much loved Dad last June {no words enough to express this loss in my life} at the time I never thought I would lift a pencil or paint again ... My Dad wasn`t for having that and signs from him started to come through thick and fast...Dad believed in me along with Mum,Alex and the rest of my family and always wanted me to go for it, live my dreams knowing if I believed in myself I would was ME that doubted, could I ..would I..can I? Soooo many doubts, what ifs .. I had allowed it to take charge of me for so many years, little glimmers coming out every now and then ... after losing my Dad ..NO MORE ...when next I see my Dad I am going to make sure I could go "look Dad, look what I have done" to make him proud and know I hadn`t wasted this life ... it has woke me up,shook me remember and be thankful for every moment.

Yesterday is the PAST
Tomorrrow the FUTURE
Today is a GIFT 

This is taken from a newspaper clipping Dad carried in his wallet ...still remember Dad telling me about it when he came across it but never knew he had clipped it out. 
On the days it`s hard, I remind myself of this little lift me up and carry forward.

I have done things this last year that have both filled me with pure joy and scared me witless with nerves{I`m sat here smiling softly with a little giggle at that}

Starting my very own range of stamps inspired by and dedicated to my Dad -

Tracy Easson Illustrations

all designed and created by me with the help of my lovely husband Alex { in times of need, much hair pulling, what am I doing, who do I think I am moments he was beside me to help me back up with my Dad popping through with little signs that mean the world} not forgetting the wee soul whispers that come through loud and clear as each little one popped out my pencil .. filling the air with joy and tall tales!
Lisa is another beautiful soul who has helped me each step of the way from the beginning and I was so lucky to meet her in July where the stamps are manufactured.

The start of my stamp collections launched on Hochanda on Thursday the 18th July ... it was a ....

I honestly still can`t believe I did it ... to fight the nerves, the self doubt, the who do I think I am moments to finally doing something my Dad always, always said I should do .. imagine the emotion for a second ... overwhelming and filled with such joy from the heart and soul to know that he is cheering me forever onwards, giving me the courage and the belief to take every opportunity that is coming my way ... it leaves me breatheless!
You can check out the show that went out live that day at the link below, it`s still available for the next 11 days...hopefully it will lift you and mayhap make you giggle along the way.
 The show was a sell out, so quickly I was shocked a good way I may add..hearts dancing ...the wee ones can be found in my wee shoppie here...
I have so many people to thank who have helped me along the way ... the beautiful souls who created artwork for me with my wee ones to make a debut on television and will be back with a video to give them a shout out and to swoooon over what they all did Lou Withers ..forever grateful!

I have soooo much I want to share with you all...from the workshops this year, beautiful souls I`ve met along the way to introducing the wee ones on here, videos, tutorials, mad crazy happy ramblings and sneak peeks on what I`m working on.

I hope you can join me.
If you held on to the end ...thank you from the heart!
Love and hugs
Tracy and the wee ones 
Catch you later

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Christmas in July with DecoArt

Just stopping by with a sneaky peek at my project that's up over on the 
celebrating . . .
Christmas in July  
Whooops, lol ...yep I mentioned that pesky word that catches us out most years. 
Creating from the heart with a tutorial over on the blog. If you get the chance pop by and say hellooo.
Thank you so much for looking.
Big Hugs

Monday, 10 July 2017

Wonky Tonk Christmas Junk Journal flip through . . .

I`m feeling all festive here as I create and doodle for this Christmas . . . whoooops . . . yes I mentioned that word that creeps up on us ever so slowly then
it`s the week before the big day!
 I remembered I never got around to sharing a flip through of last years Christmas Junk journal that was featured in Issue three of ~
Thank you again Katy I had a blast!

It was filled to bursting using stamps, paints, fabric, coffee and so much more.
Anyhoo here`s a wee slideshow I popped together.
Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, 25 May 2017

" The light that shone when Hope was born " with DecoArt Media

Stopping by with a quick peeeek at the project I`m sharing over on the
What a joy it was stamping and painting this little nellie ellie to pop inside a picture frame ready to send as a gift.
If you get the chance to pop on over, you will be able to see the full project along with a step by step tutorial.
You can find it here.

Thank you so much for looking.
Big hugs

Sunday, 30 April 2017

A Village in Tobermory . . .

I was just sitting going through my photos on the computer when I came across
" A village in Tobermory "
made out of clay and painted with DecoArt Media Acrylics. 
Created by me way back for the January 2016 edition of Craft Stamper, phew so long ago and I can`t believe I never got around to sharing it here.
Let me introduce you to the church with it`s stained glass windows , if you listen really hard you can almost hear the choir practicing.
 When the air dry clay was wet it was easy to add detail by pressing stamps straight onto the clay, the paint sinks into all the nooks and crannies allowing it to show through.
No self respecting village would be without a town hall ... a place to celebrate, hold garden fetes, bring and buy sales and so much more.
Sadly this little one has damage to the roof .. the villagers are fundraising at the moment to get it repaired before it falls in!
 Oh now this quaint little cottage belongs to the potters family and is full of love and a hive of activity I can tell you .. the potter is forever throwing pots, the kiln is firing and his wife does the decoration ... phew sure to be worth a visit plus a place to buy a little keepsake or two.
The little chimney house a heart cloud fixed in place with a cocktail stick and glue!
Add detail to the roof by gently scoring whilst the clay is soft, media fluid acrylics settle into the grooves adding light and shadow. 
Oh look here`s an aerial view of the village, bet it was Mr Tompkins he has his very own plane and is forever zooming around up high in the sky . . . got to watch out he has a nasty habit of flying low!!
Well be sure if you are ever passing this way to hop on in and say hello.